We created a flexible identity for this sports bar fit out encompassing a sports neutral space having graphics representing visual elements from all major sports on back lit wall panels.
We then gave the venue the added flexibility of being able represent different colour schemes within the space for different events, sports and team games using a system of cutting colour changing LED lighting.

For this Dublin city centre nightclub we wanted to make a dark enclosed space appear brighter and larger.
We clad columns in mirrors to open up the space and designed a system of translucent screen walls around the venue which were back lit in a series of contrasting colours. We also designed the custom dj box to compliment this as well as raised podiums for dancing and finished everything with stainless steel edging which was functional as well as decorative.
We clad the walls on Marmolium which is usually specified as a flooring material due to its durability and ease of cleaning which our client found to be very beneficial. We also used decorative 3D fluorescent wallpaper which reacts to UV lighting and works very well in a nightclub setting.

We were commissioned to refurbish this Dublin apartment to the client’s specifications.
We restructured the unique interior with a curved wall with niches for the clients TV and entertainment system as well as specialized recesses for his collectibles.
We added a feature ceiling and accented this and the staircase with a new product called light tape.
Other features include a glass radiator in the centre of the fireplace, textured paint on the walls and custom commissioned organically inspired artworks.


This Dublin clothes shop has been designed with flexibility in mind to cater for the need for fashion retailers to be able to change store layout depending on the seasons or the stock they wish to prioritize at any time.
We designed movable display stands as well as a centerpiece shoe display stand which also has a large stock storage capacity.
We also designed all the wall graphics, 3D relief signage and feature lighting.

This 80 seat, mid sized family restaurant has a nautical/pirate theme and is currently under construction.
It features barrel seats, treasure chests, actual rigging ropes, sails made from a material commonly used for stretch ceiling systems. Wall coverings vary from specially printed wallpaper to a coral inspired textured stone wall surface.


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